working on a excel spreadsheet

2-2 Problem Set: Merchandising for a Profit

FMM 225 Module Two Merchandising for a Profit Guidelines and Rubric

All calculations should be rounded to the nearest tenth.


The true value of spreadsheets is that the formulas automatically calculate your answers without the need to recalculate data every time an input number changes (which can be daily when selling merchandise). That is, once you set up the spreadsheet formulas, you can use the spreadsheet again and again, build a new tab, or simply save it as a new document.


For this assignment you will use Excel to calculate a variety of basic merchandising problems using formulas. Specifically, you must complete the following:

1. Review the pertinent formulas from your resources.

2. Read each problem carefully from the “Problems” tab in the Module Two Merchandising for a Profit Excel document.

3. Complete each problem using formulas.

What to Submit

Submit the completed Excel document. You will need to have the correct formulas in the cells. Number-only responses will not be accepted for full credit.