Week 2 Discussion – Aggression in your life


Discuss an experience with aggressive behavior you had and explore the reason for it using any 2 of the reasons covered in either the lecture or reading. Once you submit your paper, respond to any one of your classmate’s submissions with a brief reflection offering two additional possible causes of the aggressive incident they describe.

Response Parameters:

You are expected to participate in all Discussion exercises assigned throughout the course in two stages.

· First, for each assignment, post a response that addresses the key Prompt question(s) presented by the stated deadline

Minimum word requirement for initial posts is 250 words

· In order to earn credit, all posts must be accompanied by at least one citation with accompanying reference outside of, or in addition to, the textbook.
Wikipedia, ask.com, about.com and the like are not considered valid sources for any assignment in this course. Your post must adhere to APA citation rules. Grading will take into consideration grammar, spelling, organization, length, citations, knowledgeable content, display of logical reasoning, and adherence to APA citation and referencing