There have been a couple of questions on the assignment for this week, and I will share them with you with my answers. If anyone has other questions, please feel encouraged to contact me. I know the assignment for this week is challenging.

1. Which articles should we use for this assignment? 

You may use any 4 of the research articles that you have already found for this topic but feel free also to search for new relevant articles if needed. Make sure that articles are current, from scholarly journals and are reports of high-level research studies that relate to your topic. The intervention in your PICOT question should be the independent variable in all the studies you use.


2. Is it ok to just cite articles in the matrix and add a reference page when completing the template?

Absolutely. It’s difficult to type using APA requirements within the small square of the matrix, so feel free to cite (author, date) and then include a reference page.


3. Is it ok to combine the 2 assignments into one document?

Yes that is fine, but make sure the one document has title page, intro, purpose, conclusion, reference page.


4. So could you clarify the references needed for this assignment?

You need the 4 research articles that you will analyze in the matrix, and I will count these as your outside sources. In addition, you need 2-3 course resources. (So, you need a minimum of 6 references)


5.What is meant by theoretical framework in the matrix?


A.This is the theory base for the research. If used the article should indicate what it was such as Orem’s conceptual model, stress theory, etc. It may have been used but edited out also. If you do not see this in the article just indicate in the matrix “not mentioned”


I hope this is helpful to you!