Health & Medical: Describe your motivating factors in providing healthcare to underserved communities in support of the Nurse Corps Scholarship Program mission. Provide specific personal and professional experience demonstrating your interest in positively impacting underserved communities (i.e., supporting or participating in a federal pipeline program (see Definitions), community service, internships, etc.).

My motivation to give healthcare to marginalized communities stems from my belief that healthcare is a fundamental human right. I am motivated by a strong sense of social justice and a desire to have a positive impact on those who face hurdles to healthcare. Participating in a government pipeline program for disadvantaged adolescents reaffirmed my dedication to mentoring and motivating future healthcare professionals. Active participation in community service programs, such as working at free clinics and organizing health education seminars, has taught me the value of culturally appropriate care and advocacy. Professionally, I focus serving vulnerable populations in a variety of healthcare settings while fighting for equal access and compassionate care.