Details are provided in the Practice and Management document

Practice and Management

There are times when we all wish things ran the way we think they should. Imagine an agency that you design. You can be a big agency or a small private practice. It’s all up to you. In this discussion board, you will need to be creative and think about what your idea would look like. Take time to be specific in your discussion board so that your peers can imagine your facility. 

You will create a well-informed discussion following these steps (
You have the Kinman Strategies in your content section for additional help):

Choose a setting (such as a Community Service Board, For-Profit (like Private practice), or non-profit agency, Grant-funded) facility

Develop a back story, one to two sentences of the facility you choose. (Inpatient Substance abuse treatment, Abuse shelter, family services……)

· In understanding your role of Leadership and Supervision 
assess the skills needed to support staff in record keeping, reimbursement, and 
one other issue in practice and management

· Make sure to break up these topics in 
clear defining 
 as you write.