ASSIGNMENT 2: Reflecting on Power

  • 250 word min.
  • 2 references from the assigned readings (see below) that follow the format for in-text citations as provided in the MLA form.

Allen, Brenda J. (2011.)  Difference Matters: Communicating Social Identity.  Waveland Press, Inc. Chapter 1: Difference and Other Important Matters. Chapter 2: Power Matters.

Reflection: Difference Matters. Chapter 2

  • Reflecting on topics from Chapter 2, narrate a personal example (aka your own personal story) of resistance or a power struggle you have experienced in an organizational context (as defined in Allen’s text… for example school, home, work, family, church, etc.)


  • In the form of a brief story explain what happened and why (use references from the text to provide support for what power narratives may have been at play.) Or, if you do not have a story from your life, you may analyze power through a story from someone you know, or from the media (i.e. a movie, work of art, piece of literature, video game, or television show).
  • Include at least 2 references with page numbers from the assigned readings that support or help illustrate your narrative. You are not limited to the Difference Matters text for your resources, however, it should be considered your primary source for this assignment.


  • Emphasize communication processes that the individuals enacted.
  • Identify any dominant and/or non-dominant groups or narratives at play.
  • Utilize vocabulary found in the text/s for the week.
  • Feel free to embed images or links if necessary.
  • Review the list of dominant ideologies in Chapter 2 and select any that may apply to your story.
  • Use the MLA form to help with organizing your references and/or providing in-text citations.