1. Provide feedback to all of the peers. Your feedback should be substantive and
constructive and adhere to the MMW Community Guidelines. To help you
provide feedback to your peers, respond to one of the question sets below for
each group mate:

a. What is the topic that your peer will be looking at? Restate it in
your own words, addressing the who, what, where, when, and why
of the event. If you have trouble addressing these questions or the
answers are very broad, suggest to your peer how they might
narrow down their topic.

b. Based on the paragraph provided for each source, is it clear why
your groupmate chose each one for their topic? If not, what would
help you have a better idea of why the source was chosen? Do you
need a summary of the source, a sentence that connects the
summary to the topic, something else? If yes, share with your peer
what you still want to know, or what questions you now have about
their topic.

c. Is the initial research question open-ended? If not, how might you
revise the question to ensure that it is open-ended (e.g., revise a
yes/no or either/or question to a more open-ended one)? If yes,