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Instructions and Guidelines for Discussion Board #5

Activity: Worlds Apart

(adapted from Worlds Apart- The Learning Network- New York Times)

Purpose: To examine the similarities and differences among the experience of modern-day
immigrants through investigating the personal experiences of several immigrants.

Note: Some of the language in the article may be upsetting.

Article to read:

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OR (a different link to same article)

Links to an external site.

Let me know if you hit a pay wall trying to access the article. I copy and pasted it into a Word

1) Read the article

2) Create ONE post with two parts (Parts I and II):

I) Describe one of Achmed’s or Joel’s immigration experiences.

II) Choose ONE of these to discuss and include the question(s) in bold and underline just above
your response to the question so other students can easily see it :

a. Why didn’t Joel and Achmed feel divided by race when they lived in Cuba? Why do they feel
this division now that they live in America?
b. What experiences has Joel had as a black Cuban in Miami that he feels are related to his

c. What experiences has Achmed had as a white Cuban in Miami that he feels are related to his
d. In what ways did Joel’s and Achmed’s lives intersect when they lived in Cuba? In what ways
do Joel’s and Achmed’s lives intersect now? Why have these changes occurred?
e. What are Joel’s and Achmed’s views about members of different races? Do you think these
views existed prior to their coming to America, or do you think these views are a result of their
f. Do you think that Joel’s and Achmed’s relationship in Miami could continue just as it was when
they were friends in Cuba? Why or why not?

3) In your reply, try to choose at least one post that discussed different questions and share
your thoughts on their responses.