Assignment Content

Review Principles 3 and 4 of

Arizona’s Language Development Approach
for an overview of the purpose and importance of targeted and explicit language instruction and assessment feedback. Understanding these principles will help you complete this week’s assignment.

Complete Option 1: Reading Lesson or Option 2: Writing Lesson below. You must use the template that is provided.

Option 1: Reading Lesson

After reviewing your class’s English learners’ AZELLA score reports, you have decided to conduct a
small group reading
intervention with a few of your English learners. You will be planning a Targeted ELD lesson for a small group of English learners at the

Pre-Emergent/Emergent level
. Your lesson should focus on a foundational reading skill (phonological awareness, print concepts, phonics, or fluency). This is

a lesson plan for a whole class lesson. It is a plan for working with only your beginning level ELs on a reading skill. Remember, they have very little to no English.

Select an elementary grade level (K–5).

Access the following ELP Standards for your chosen elementary grade level:

Arizona English Language Proficiency Standards Kindergarten

Arizona English Language Proficiency Standards Grade 1

Arizona English Language Proficiency Standards Grades 2-3

Arizona English Language Proficiency Standards Grades 4-5

Review the Reading Foundational Standards, and choose a reading standard and at least 1 sub-skill (a, b, c, etc.) to focus your lesson on. As you review the standards, remember that the ELP standards are on the left column and the ELA standards are on the right column. You will also link your lesson to the ELA Reading standards.

Review ELP Standards 9 and 10, as well and determine if any of these language standards/sub-skills apply to your lesson. Remember, ELP Standards 9 and 10 are language standards that focus on vocabulary and grammar.

Create a 20- to 30-minute small-group lesson (Targeted ELD) that will assess your chosen standard(s) and include differentiated instructional strategies to support your English learners.

Use the

Reading Lesson Template
to complete your lesson.