2-1 Student Discussion: Choosing Your Historical Topics (Non-graded, optional) 

Are you unsure of which topic to choose for your project? In this discussion, identify two topics you are considering for the project and explain why you are interested in them. Specific topics within each historical event or subject can be found in HIS 262 Project Resources. If you are choosing a topic not on this list, you will need to get instructor approval. Then, reply to your peers to help them think further about how they would approach their topic in a museum exhibit.  

Create one initial post. Address the following:   

  1. Identify two topics you are considering for the project.
  2. Explain why you are interested in these topics for an exhibit.

Here are some options to consider when responding to peers: 

  1. If you were a visitor to their exhibit, what would you want to see included?
  2. Describe how the historical event or subject in a peer’s post relates to an issue happening today.

This discussion is optional and non-graded.