Q1. Section 6: Conclusion PDF course book page 480 In the conclusion, repeat the highlights. Summarize the target market, the offer, and the communication plan. Your conclusion should remind the reader of all the reasons why your plan is the best choice.Note: This is typically a maximum of two paragraphs in length.AI usage is prohibited

Q2. Section 1. Executive Summary PDF course book page 469A marketing plan starts with an executive summary. An executive summary should provide all the information your company’s executives need to decide without reading the rest of the plan. The summary should include a brief description of the market, the product to be offered, the strategy behind the plan, and the budget. Any other important information, such as how your competitors and channel partners will respond to the actions your firm takes, should also be summarized. Because most executives will be reading the plan to make budgeting decisions, the budgeting information you include in the summary is especially important. If the executives want more detail, they can refer to the “budget” section, which appears later in the plan. The executive summary should be less than one page long; ideally, it should be about a half page long. Most marketing plan writers find it easier to write a plan’s summary last, even though it appears first in the plan. A summary is hard to write when you do not know the whole plan, so waiting until the plan is complete makes writing the executive summary easier.AI usage is prohibited.

Q3.  Final Strategic Marketing Plan (LO1) (LO2) (LO3) (LO4)

Due no later than Wednesday 

  • Include visuals where appropriate 
  • Review instructor feedback; incorporate where necessary 
  • Final marketing plan should include a cover page and Table of Contents with page numbers
  • Proofread carefully

Link to Marketing Plan Rubric 

AI usage is prohibited