All instructions in document below 

The articles below will act as your sources for your final paper. As such, it is important that you engage with all of the articles and take notes. For this assignment, read and synthesize the following four sources regarding the True Crime genre of podcasts:

1. The Problem with True Crime Podcasts

2. The Extraordinary Accomplishment of Serial

Season 3

3. True Crime: It’s Time to Start Questioning the Ethics of Tuning In

4. True Crime Podcasts Bring Closure–And Maybe


Your response should be at least five paragraphs (and two full pages) in length.
The first four paragraphs will each cover one of the articles. You should introduce the article, the author, and their bias or perspective on the debate, along with a few of the key points they made. Do not summarize, or simply restate the author’s points, evaluate them and make sense of them for your reader. Discuss the credibility of the ideas and whether they were conveyed convincingly.

Then for your final paragraph, the fifth paragraph, provide your personal opinion on the issue. Submit your response in MLA format: double spaced, size 12 font, etc