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BUSI 675

Biblical Integration Essay Assignment Instructions


In the Biblical Integration Essay Assignment, the student will integrate the Bible during the discussion of analysis while exploring the decision-making process. Decision makers face complex problems and need to use the data available to them. Several of the components of decision-making includes reviewing, planning, developing a report, being clear and concise, and presenting results.  


 As an organization grows, it faces intense competition from its competitors. When Charles founded the first Christian Wholesale Store and Pharmacy, he knew he would be competing against the big retail stores. However, his goal was to open a store in which the prices were low, founded on Christian values and principles, customers could hear Christian music playing, and even could praise in the middle of the aisle. The bonus of the store included credit for folks that were struggling, and unable to pay for their medication. The Christian community is able to donate and give to individuals unable to pay for their medication. Charles wanted it to look like one in the Body of Christ working together. Charles prayed daily because His desire was to show Christ’s love to all. In the first two years, the store grew so rapidly, that Charles had to move to a larger location. He had to hire a Human Resource Director and hire new staff. It was everything he prayed for; the store grew so quickly that it was even featured on the news. The Christian store centered on Christ’s principles to “Love thy Neighbor”.  The store grew from 5 employees to 300 employees and with this growth unexpected problems and opportunities that Charles, never dreamed of, started to occur, and some of the most serious issues included:

·         Should Charles take on investors?

·         Unethical Employees

·         A Merger Opportunity

·         Criticism Against the Store

·         Lying and False Statements

·         Several Employees with attendance issues

·         Leadership Issues

·         Staffing and Managements personnel problems

·         Stealing and Fraud from one of the managers

·         Demands for Products

·         Uncertainty regarding some pharmaceutical companies


You are Charles’s best friend, and you are also the human resource director. Charles asked for your help and advice. He also stated he needs examples of a person in the Bible with people issues and asked for spiritual guidance. In addition, he asked you for assistance with a strategy and a strategic direction that could address employee issues.  



The essay will be a minimum of 5-7 pages of original analysis and discussion, excluding the title page and reference page. Specific Scriptures must be cited and discussed, as well as one scholarly source, the course textbook, and the bible. There must be at least two scholarly source and the Bible.


All assignments must meet the standards of the current edition of the APA manual for in-text citations, references, headings, grammar, spelling, and mechanics. All pages of all assignments, including the title page and reference list, must be double-spaced and typed in 12-point Times New Roman fonts with one-inch margins on all four sides. MS Word files only.


Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool. The tool is a starting point for instructors to check overall Academic Integrity and higher scores generally indicate a higher probability of Academic Misconduct. The higher a score the higher the probability that there are too high a percentage of quotations included in the narrative, and/or there are passages that have not been properly cited.

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