Respond to 5 Discussion Questions

Discussion #2 Holidays and More

Discussion #2:  Research several articles on how different schools handle the issues of holidays in schools (Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukkah. An example of such an article may be found at  to an external site..  Respond to the following questions in a paragraph of 100 words or more.  Then make comments to two classmates about their response in 50 words or more each, for a total of 200 words or more.  Please note that the article is no longer available. Answer the questions below, drawing on your experiences.

Question #1:  Children enjoy celebrations and often practice traditions associated with family culture or religious-specific activities.  Describe your professional opinion about celebrating these traditions in the school setting.

Question #2:  Give two examples of ways that schools may include culture-specific activities aimed at making ALL students feel more comfortable at school and proud of his/her heritage.  For example, selecting a reading book that depicts characters from another culture; allow students to dress like a character of their choice, and role-play the story line.

Discussion 3:  SOAR Project in Pascagoula SD

Review the SOAR Project 2009 from the Pascagoula School District at

to an external site.   If the link does not work, just google and search for the information. If the google does not work, the summary of the project is posted below. Respond to the two questions below in 100 words or more.  Then make comments to two classmates in 50 words or more each.  Total of 200 word response.

Question #1:  Describe the diversity celebration depicted in the SOAR Project, giving details about the countries represented and the festival activities.

Question #2:  Describe how you, as a future instructional leader, may implement a similar celebration in your school or community.  Give the event a name and include details about activities, publicity, planning, goals, timeline, and impact on students and parents within your school and community. 

Thousands Attend SOAR 2009 as PSD Celebrates Diversity

Thousands turned out for the Pascagoula School District’s SOAR 2009 celebration April 24 at War Memorial Stadium. This year’s theme was One World – Celebrating Our Diversity.The theme celebrated the 17 different nationalities of children who make up the student population of the Pascagoula School District. One of the action plans of the district’s five-year strategic plan was to have a celebration to embrace the diversity of the district.At the end of last school year, each school was asked to choose a country for this year’s theme. By planning in advance the schools were able to incorporate a study of that country into its curriculum and lesson plans for this school year.For SOAR, each school selected a different colored t-shirt to wear for the Parade of Nations. School booths featured games and activities of the various countries which included Mexico, India, Greece, Australia, Japan, Madagascar, Germany, Brazil, Puerto Rico, China, Ireland, Italy, Argentina, France and the United States.Sixty different organizations throughout the area joined with the school district for this year’s event making it the largest SOAR since its inception six years ago.Prizes of bikes and iPods were awarded to students who had improved Accelerated Reading scores, good attendance and good behavior. These names were put in a hat and drawn at random to receive the prizes.Donations were solicited from the community to cover the cost of the prizes.Thank you to everyone, both in the district and in the community, who teamed together to make this SOAR celebration such a huge success!

Discussion #4 Athlete Activist/Future of Sports Media

Hello Class, for this week’s discussion I want you to remark on an instance in which an athlete has become a political activist and how it impacted your view of the sport or your take on the future of sports media.  I’m leaving this broad on purpose to give you flexibility. 

Discussion #5 High School Sports

This discussion’s topic is simple, but in-depth at the same time.  What are your feelings toward the increased media coverage of high school sports?  What do you think the positive and negative consequences?

  Discussion #6 Reaction to Politics and Sports Video

The Collision of Sports and Politics

For this week’s discussion I simple want you to share your thoughts on the Frontline video on politics and sports.