For the final project in the course, you will analyze the case study Value-Driven Project and Portfolio Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry and additional course resources to create a program performance report for a hypothetical organization. The completion of this assessment will allow you to demonstrate your knowledge of program-level management and your ability to develop key executive reporting following standard frameworks.

In this milestone, you will develop a resource management plan and update your project using MS Project software. When building a project plan, project managers use the resources an organization makes available to complete the work necessary to deliver the project. When a project manager builds a project plan, work packages are created that define the specific work activities that need to be completed. It is essential that a project manager understand what work needs to be completed so he or she can determine what resources (people, materials, knowledge, money) are needed, for how long (duration), and when these resources are needed (schedule). Some of this will be known and some unknown.

During the early stages of a project (initiation phase), there are many unknowns, so planning is not precise. During the execution phase, accuracy of managing resources is essential for project and program management success. A project manager wants to use organizational resources as efficiently as possible.

Ideal resource management ensures the project manager has the right people working on the right work packages at the right time.

Prompt I

Thus far in the course, you have completed a case study overview, a project charter, and a project scope statement. You have also set up your project using MS Project software. In this milestone, you will develop a resource management plan and update your project with this material using MS Project software. An Excel spreadsheet template has been provided for your use in creating a resource management plan. If you prefer a different format, you are free to use the format you prefer.

You will determine what your resource management plan will need, but at a minimum it should include the following critical elements:

    1. Provide a list of human resources required for the project.
    2. Identify the specific skill set needed.
    3. Describe the roles and key responsibilities for each job type.
    4. Provide a list of equipment items to be used.
    5. Identify the purpose of each equipment item.
    6. Identify the types and quantities of equipment needed.
    7. Provide a list of materials needed.
    8. Identify people or resource constraints (dates of availability).
    9. Identify the specific planning dates when resources are needed.

Prompt II

Once you have completed your resource management plan, you will use this resource plan to update your project using MS Project software. Using the file you created in Milestone Two, update your project to include the following critical elements:

    1. Assign resources to tasks.
    2. Create a project calendar.
    3. Create calendars for each resource.
    4. Apply any of the constraints you identified in your resource plan.
    5. Add to the task Notes field any additional or new information.
    6. Document any assumptions you made regarding resources and turn that in (as a Word document) with your assignment.
    7. Assign yourself as the project manager and assign your instructor as the project sponsor.

This file, which is a combination of Milestones Two and Three, should be submitted as an MS Project (.mpp) file. Do not submit it as a .pdf.

As needed, use the Infobase tutorials provided in the module resources to help you set up your project using MS Project software.

What to Submit

Your resource management plan can be submitted in any appropriate format as long as all critical elements are covered. All citations should be in APA format. In addition, you will submit an MS Project file (.mpp) that combines the work from Milestone Two with this milestone.