Students are afforded opportunities throughout the course to reflect weekly (and on the course as a whole) on their own growth and motivation level while learning to recognize challenges and successes in developing teams. Only by understanding teams fully will you be able to create an outstanding team that works effectively and with high energy. As such, for the key assignment for this course, you will think of a time where you excelled in a team environment and self-reflect considering your experiences over this course as a whole. Knowing what you know now from this course, write about your experience in that team.

 The reflection paper is your chance to integrate your thoughts to what you have learned in this course and your experience to illustrate your understanding of teams. Particularly how it will affect your position and the future as a leader in teams. Use the first-person singular (“I”), and 
relate to the course readings, videos, weekly class sessions, etc., to your previous knowledge and experience in teams. Cite your sources. Especially consider how what you have learned in this course has changed your thinking and might affect your approach to team development.

 Remember that your essay is in a narrative style. It is an academic paper with an introduction, main paragraphs (Body) and conclusion. The assignment is all about your personal experiences, but the experience should be specific and must fit the topic and express your thoughts clearly. The paper must be 5-7 pages (APA format excluding title and reference page) submitted as a Word document using APA format to Turnitin (Assignment Tool). 

The following should be addressed in the paper: Do only the questions that are in bold. I will do the others.

How much did you know about the subject of developing teams when you were on your chosen team?  

2. What problems/conflicts/obstacles did you encounter with any team members? How did you address/troubleshoot them? 

3. What was most satisfying about your team? 

4. How effectively was your team motivated to complete the task/project/assignment? 

Did you have a team identity? If so, how did your team identify created and shared? No, I did not have a team identity. Explain why.

6. What do you think was your contribution to the team? Do you believe your team members recognize your contribution as you see it? 

Reflect on the differences between being a team member and being a team leader. What are some of the challenges

What How important is it and what are some ways to reward team members? 

How do you know your team is doing what it’s supposed to be doing and if there’s room for improvement? 

How have you changed or developed new ideas you used to have on working in teams? In what ways? 

What is one skill that you would like to improve upon regarding developing teams that this course helped to identify? 

How can you take what you have learned from this course and transform it into your own life in the context you currently lead in to help work and lead effectively in teams to accomplish goals and provide better solutions?

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