Find out how your eating habits compare with the American Dietary GuidelinesLinks to an external site., MyPlate.govLinks to an external site., and recommended nutrient intakes. Enter your food intake into MyFitnessPal.comLinks to an external site. (create a free profile for one day, and evaluate it against the various guidelines. Do not use the app to create your reports. Also use your textbook, New Dimension is Women’s Health, as a resource. Include your references.

If you are pregnant, please go to American College of Obstetricians and GynecologistsLinks to an external site. for nutritional guidelines.

Do not submit any screenshots in this assignment.

(1) Dietary Guidelines recommendations:

  • After reviewing your reports, which dietary habits need attention?
  • List three tips from MyPlate.govLinks to an external site. for improving your intake of these important components.

(2) MyPlate.govLinks to an external site. recommendations:

(3) Nutrient intake:

  • After reviewing your reports, list the vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients for which your intake doesn’t meet the recommendation or fall within the acceptable range (especially sodium, fiber, calcium and iron).Don’t guess- look at your reports!
  • Why is this important-how could it affect your health if continued?

(4) After reviewing your MyFitnessPal. com exercise diary, briefly discuss if your activity meets the physical activity requirementLinks to an external site..

  • What is the significance of BMI (body mass index)? You can find this information in your DRI results and New Dimensions to Women’s Health.