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Life Planning

This life planning workshop worksheet provides practice for providing career recommendations. This will help you to provide career recommendations in your career assessment report.

If you had several clients, how might you develop a life-planning workshop to support these individuals? What would be the necessary components?

What career counseling model might you use to assist in your life-planning workshop? How does this model support the purpose of the workshop?


What might be the goals of the workshop? List at least 3 goals. How does each goal relate to the purpose of the workshop (i.e., what practical tools/resources do you want for them to gain)?

What content would you want to cover? Give details for how each goal will be accomplished.

What would be the outcome(s) of the workshop? Give examples of information that you might collect to demonstrate that the purpose/goals of the workshop was met and that participants gained useful knowledge.


How would you evaluate the outcome of the workshop? Give examples of assessments you might use to demonstrate learning/growth/change or evaluative information that you might collect.

Useful Resources

Integrative life planning: A holistic approach by Sunny Sundal Hansen

Life Plan for the Life Span (2012), by APA Committee on Aging

What to Submit

Use APA formatting, each heading should be supported with relevant resources.