Please describe your response by answering all questions below.  All questions should be answered in the same chronological order as they appear. Please do not include any sub-titles and questions in the body of your final essay.

Avenue Montaigne in Paris, France which refers to Da Vinci and his artistic creation of the Vitruvian Man:

We subscribe to the principles of vitruvius where perfect proportions exist in human design, and beauty is produced by the pleasing appearance of good taste of the whole.


Da Vinci described his Vitruvian Man as the perfect man inspired by the work of Vitruvius’ work De architectura.  Vitruvius in his work describes a perfect human body with exact geometrical proportions. Da Vinci describes his Vitruvian Man with such proportions as well.

Both Da Vinci and Vitruvius describe the perfect man from the physical form of a human being.

Explain your personal concept of a “perfect human being”  and the reasons for your response? Specify how this “perfect human being” can make a positive contribution to the world.  You may include only physical and/or personality attributes (each or both) or any other that you think are important. Need a proper thesis statement.

Select any two literary works that are on your syllabus and which we have discussed in class to provide an example of a character/s and description of who you consider a “perfect human being.” Please clearly specify and describe the reasons for your answer. Be sure to mention the genre of your stories in the introduction, and tell your audience that you will be talking about a short story, fable, or poem. Whatever literary work you have chosen. 

The two literary works characters to use for the essay are “Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin and “The Chrysanthemums” by John Steinbeck. I will attach the PDFs to the two stories. 

Louise Mallard (Story of an hour)

Elisa Allen (The Chrysanthemums) 

Please name all characters who have a name in the literary works you specify.

Please explain your answers clearly with appropriate examples from the literary works you select from the syllabus. Please do not quote long passages from the text.  ‘Yes’ and ‘no’ answers without any explanation/foundation will not earn any grade.

DO NOT summarize the literary works that you select. Remember you are stating your response!

MLA Format

4-pages full, no less than that.

Please make sure to be able to mention the Vitruvius idea or anything related to it in my body paragraphs. 

Cheat sheet for essay:

*Please review the assignment guidelines VERY carefully along with thesetips:1. Speak to the prompt. Do NOT digress from the prompt.2. Introduction should be no less than and no more than be ½ page on page 1 (one) of 81/2X 11-inch sheet of paper.3. Introduction should clearly specify the focus and direction of your writing by including acoherent thesis statement.4. The thesis statement should encapsulate the content of all prompt questions to provide aclear focus and direction to your readers.5. The entire paper will be written depending on how you write the thesis following theprompt.6. Each body paragraph must have a strong and relevant topic sentence for a logicalconnection to the thesis statement.7. DO NOT include any secondary sources in your writing.8. Use first person voice only.9. Length of each body paragraph should no more and no less than ½ page of 81/2 X 11-inchsheet of paper.10. Maximum paragraphs per page cannot exceed THREE (3).11. Conclusion should be no less than and no more than be ½ page (of 81/2 X 11-inch sheet ofpaper). Conclusion should strongly support the thesis statement for a meaningful ending toyour essay