The candidate will write an 8-page, excluding title and reference pages, research-based paper in current APA format that focuses on the topic of curriculum design and development. The topic must address at least two prominent curriculum theorists’ positions and the candidate’s stance for or against the curriculum models. In addition, the candidate will need to integrate his or her own biblical worldview and its place within curriculum design and development. The paper must include at least six references in addition to the Brown et al. (2014) and Lalor (2017) course textbooks and the Bible.

From the list below, choose two or more prominent theorists you would like to discuss and analyze (you may select other theorists outside this list). You must use your course materials and the Jerry Falwell Library: Education Research Guide to research and provide content on your theorists:

  • John Dewey
  • Franklin Bobbitt
  • Werret Charters
  • William Kilpatrick
  • Harold Rugg
  • Hollis Caswell
  • Ralph Tyler
  • Hilda Taba
  • David Tripp
  • Ivor Goodson
  • Lynn Erickson
  • Carol Ann Tomlinson
  • Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe