My topic – “Strategies to meet the need of nonverbal stroke patient.”

Complete a review of literature on the topic you chose in Module 3 using PubMed. To access PubMed, go the library home page and in the database search box enter PubMed. 2 databases will appear. I recommend using PubMed Medline. Your review should be thorough and should include at least 3 primary sources and 2 secondary sources. Primary sources are preferred. You may also use the CINAHL database to search for your sources. Submit a review of literature (45 points) to the assignment link on the next page. View the summary in this article as a guide as to how to submit your findings. Download Cost of Sepsis.pdf.

Using a Word document complete a summary of your review of literature using the following criteria (copy and paste these questions into a Word document and answer each question directly below the question):

1. List your 5 articles in correct APA format and identify which articles are primary sources and which are secondary. Provide a rationale as to why each of the articles is labeled as primary or secondary. (10 points)

2. Write your Objective(s) for the search: What were you looking for? (5 points)

3. Methods: Which database(s) did you use? What search terms or phrases did you use? What were the parameters of the search (years)? What were the results of the search of each database (how many results did each database produce)? Which studies did you include in your review and why? (10 points)

4. Results: What were the results of your review? What did you learn from the search? Specifically, what was learned from each study. (10 points)

5. Conclusions: What can you do with the information you learned in this search? How is this information beneficial? (10 points)