In your first assessment, you assessed risks and areas of need for a potential crisis situation and community you chose to focus on. In this assessment, you’ll develop a disaster management plan for actually addressing the risks you identified earlier, and you’ll do it in the form of a presentation.

As a master’s-prepared nurse, you may well find yourself in situations that call for you to lead by bringing different stakeholders and representatives of agencies together. For this assessment, imagine that you’re making a presentation to a group of leaders of local, state, and federal organizations. You’ve been tasked with giving clarity for the management of a disaster.

As with your previous assessment, you’ll need to incorporate research to share the most relevant and applicable knowledge in the field about how to handle the type of situation you’ve selected. This will also make your plan more compelling. So be sure to spend time researching information about experiences and solutions for the type of disaster you’re focusing on. Also, if you haven’t already, familiarize yourself with PowerPoint or similar software.