Analyzing needs assessment information and integrating each persons’ requests can be challenging. However, such analysis is necessary to create job-embedded professional development that meets the needs of the school or district.

Part 1

Compile results from the needs assessment administered in Topic 1 to determine school or district needs . Create a graph to visually demonstrate the data.

Part 2

Using the results, choose one identified need to create a job-embedded professional development session . Create a 12-15 slide digital presentation to be implemented as a professional development in Clinical Field Experience C.

Include the following in your presentation:

  • Detailed information on the selected topic
  • Rationale or justification for how it will improve job performance
  • Practical application of the topic
  • A learning activity to reinforce application
  • Related materials, including supplementary documents, handouts, or videos/links
  • Title slide, slide notes, and reference slide

Email the link to your Satisfaction Survey created in EDU-586 to the session participants at the conclusion of Clinical Field Experience C.