Think about a client with schizophrenia that you know about from personal, work or clinical

experience, or from news media or other sources. Describe the individual.

• What are the positive and/or negative symptoms?

• What are the person’s struggles? What treatments have been tried and failed? What


• If you were that person, what would you like to tell your nurse about yourself, your

needs, and your fears?

Please provide evidence from professional sources to support your information. Include

examples of your prior experience with a client who was having a problem with delusions and/or


Please make an initial post by midweek, and respond to at least two other student’s posts with

substantial details that demonstrate an understanding of the concepts and critical thinking.

Remember that your posts must exhibit appropriate writing mechanics including using proper

language, cordiality, and proper grammar and punctuation. If you refer to any outside sources or

reference materials, be sure to provide proper attribution and/or citation.