PSYC 631

Case Study Assignment Instructions


The purpose of these assignments is to provide you with an opportunity to apply course material to case studies involving hypothetical adolescents. Doing so will allow you to draw connections between content across modules and integrate that information to explain adolescent behavior and outcomes. The case studies are meant to illustrate what key course concepts would look like in a potential “real-world” situation.


In your course materials you will find two case study documents that each contain a detailed history for a hypothetical adolescent followed by several short answer questions.

Case Study: Development and Ethnicity Assignment covers course material from Module 1: Week 1 – Module 4: Week 4.

Case Study: Relationships and Behavior Assignment covers course material from Module 5: Week 5 – Module 7: Week 7.

For each case study, you will answer 10 short answer questions worth 10.5 points each. Be sure to be thorough in your answers, providing explanations and supporting evidence/research for your statements. Some questions might require you to make educated guesses based on the information given, and this is fine as long as you explain your reasoning and back it up with research evidence. For full credit, each answer must include at least one citation from a course reading applied to case study details. Answers should be one to two paragraphs long and may be single spaced in the box provided. Be sure to include a reference page in current APA format at the end for any sources used.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.