1. Identify your specified community/population and health issue for your Community Needs Assessment project.

2. What populations are at highest risk of this health issue?

3. Compare national, state and local incidence and prevalence data for this health issue.

4. Use credible data sources to describe the demographics of the population affected by this health issue, to include demographic factors that may be considered risk factors for this health issue.

5. Provide rationale for any differences in the national, state, and local incidence/prevalence rates of this health issue based on population demographics, and other information identified. If local statistical data is not known for your health issue, please specify so.

6. For your Community Needs Assessment you will need to provide local data about your specified health issue from key informants (see assignment guidelines). Identify 4 types of key informants (i.e., city council member, school nurse, business owner, local pastor, emergency response professional, etc.) in your community that you may contact to provide local data about this health issue within your community. For each type of key informant specified, describe how they may provide a unique perspective about your specified health issue within your community.