Four Major Departmental Expenses for Mayor’s Office

Description: If the percent of the mayor’s personnel indicators decreases or become lower, it may hamper the agency’s ability to maintain the existing level of services unless new sources of revenues or ways of trimming expenses can be found.

Warning Trend: Decrease as Comparison of mayor’s four major personnel


Concluding Analysis


(do not include in the final report

For each chart, the
analysis should focus on the patterns and the implications as they linked to the warning trends and indicator description and warning trends of each indicator. /that is, the Concluding analysis should
analyze each of the charts

Compare the data to the warning trends and indicator descriptions.

1. How does the data for each indicator compare to the warning trend and indicator description? (Did it decrease? If not, then it’s not a warning trend. If it stays the same, it’s okay. If it increased, it’s probably in pretty good shape.)

2. How does the data for each of the indicators compare to the other 3 indicators? (How did the four expense items change throughout those 3 years? Which expenses benefited over the years? Which lost?)

3. Your analysis then should explain why what occurred, occurred and its implications. Should the organization be concerned? Can it be corrected? How? (You’ll need to explore the internet for information and include those sources on the references page)