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Case Planning and Case Management

The Case of Maria

Wk 5 Discussion – Treatment Plan Goals

Maria, 33, was just released from jail after serving a 6-month sentence for shoplifting. You are a community-based re-entry case manager responsible for preparing her initial treatment plan post-release. Your primary goal is to prevent recidivism.

Before being arrested, Maria lived with her younger sister and cousin in a 1-bedroom apartment. She was working at a 24-hour convenience store but was fired for behavioral issues and not arriving on time for work.

Maria was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when she was 18 years old and has been on many different medications to stabilize her moods. She has been taking a mood stabilizer to treat her bipolar disorder, but due to being fired, she can no longer afford her medication and has not taken any for 3 months. Maria considered counseling but does not have the money for it.

During the intake interview, Maria stated she did not have a high school diploma but would like to take the required test to obtain her GED. She stated she does not want to go back on her medication, because she did not like the way it made her feel. It also made her gain weight. Maria also stated that when she was arrested, her sister told her she could no longer live at the apartment upon her release from jail.

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Copyright 2021 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.