This week I included a PowerPoint that covers characteristics of youth involved in the juvenile justice system.  Most of this is what most of you probably expected to see; broken home, low socioeconomic communities, poverty, abuse, working parent, and so forth. For the most part, we can see how this can be contributing factors leading to delinquency.  These are known as risk factors. However, chances are that most of us had some of these risk factors in our lives growing up and did not get into trouble.  That is probably because of protective factors in your lives that countered these existing risk factors.  Look up protective factors and risk factors to become familiar with these terms.  Then, I want you share what risk factors, if any, existed in your life growing up that could of gotten you into trouble and then discuss the protective factors that kept you out of trouble.  Now, if any risk factors contributed to your getting into trouble and you want to share that, do that. Then, share what protective factors got you back on track.  What I am looking for with this assignment is your ability to explain how certain factors help shape lives.