Module/Unit One – The Hobbit/Literacy Discussion Board Assignment (DBA)

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After Reading JRR Tolkien’s the Hobbit, Nancy Barile’s ‘Writing to Learn, Module One Powerpoint, the Reading Quiz, and 
after completing this module’s integrative assignment, please answer the following questions for us, classmates and instructor.

For full credit, I need to see specifics mentioned not just general ideas.

What knowledge about Tolkein, The Hobbit, Writing to Learn or literature have you gained from this week’s material?

What integrative assignment did you pursue, complete?

What pitfalls did you experience?

What milestones did you reach?

What will you move forward with in your own work from completing this week’s assignments?

This assignment is worth 20 points if you answer completely answer these questions and respond to two of your classmates responses in both a positive and insightful way.

Please complete this DBA when you have finished the entire module!  This will be the final assignment for this module.

If you do not complete the corresponding Integrative Assignment, this assignment will be read and commented upon of course, but not graded.