Please post a response to one peer who chose a different task.

In the response post, include the following:

· Perform the task your peer discussed and time yourself, then

· Compare your time to the average time your peer provided.

· Comment on why your time is the same or different from the time presented by your peer.

· Based on the time you took to complete the task, discuss how you agree or disagree with your peer’s assessment of their rate of work calculation.

· What are your thoughts about having multiple people work together to complete the task?

· What are the benefits of teamwork?

· What are the disadvantages?

Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format

For this discussion, I had my son, my partner, and my nephew to put away their laundry. They each had two loads of clothes to put away. I asked them to put away their clothes and I recorded each of them to see how long it takes them to put it away. Here are the results:

Son: 1.5 hours
Partner: 1 hour
Nephew: 2.5 hours

Now let’s calculate the rate of work:

Son: 1/1.5
Partner: 1/1
Nephew: 1/2.5

If we combine the rate of work together, we get: 1/1.5+1/1+1/2.5=1

Combined rate: 1/1.5+1/1+1/2.5= 31/15 or 0.207 (rounded to the nearest hundredths)

We have to take the reciprocal of the combines rate to find the time that they work together.
– 31/15 reciprocal is 15/31 or 0.48 hour. 

This makes sense because if they worked together the time should be faster because there are 3 people working together versus 1 person. My personal thoughts about teamwork varies because if you have people that pull their weight then its good but if people don’t pull their weight, then the other people on that team has to do more work. Benefits of working together is definitely getting work done faster. Disadvantages are when people don’t do their part in the group work, and you end up doing more work to cover your own butt.