Health care agency/organization

Public health emergencies require strategic preparedness and rapid response from public health organizations. In next week’s assignment, you will prioritize actions to respond to a Monkeypox outbreak. In this activity, you describe the role of a chosen public health agency or organization to combat such an outbreak as well as key organizations that will partner with them.
• Choose and research a public health care agency/organization located in your state, county, or city that is involved in public vaccination efforts. As you examine your organization, consider the key partners and stakeholders that will aid in the efforts as well as the organization’s mission, personnel, and population served.
• Download the Week 6 Activity Template [DOCX] Download Week 6 Activity Template [DOCX]and use it to complete your work.
Identify a public state, county, or city healthcare agency or organization and do the following using the Week 6 Activity Template:
Part 1: The Organization
• Describe the following aspects of your chosen organization/agency as they relate to immunization programs or efforts.
• Mission.
• Summary of services.
• Population served.
• Role (What contributions does the organization make to local vaccination efforts? How do they work with other organizations to provide this service?)
• Key organizational leadership staff/positions.
Part 2: Partner Organizations
Describe three partner organizations that are essential to the vaccination drive and outline their respective functional roles and responsibilities associated with it. Some examples are churches, federal agencies, hospitals, Non-governmental organizations, other government agencies, et cetera.