A thematic unit is the organization of curriculum around a central theme to includes a series of lessons that integrate different subjects, all while tying into the main theme of the unit. When designing an arts-integrated thematic unit, it takes time and focused planning to find the connections between the academic subject and arts that will enhance and deepen student learning.  


In this 2-part assignment, you will plan a 1-week unit that focuses on the academic area of your choice and integrates a minimum of 2 different forms of art into the instruction, student activities, and assessments.  


Part 1: Unit Outline

Create a 2-page outline for your unit that includes the following: 

· Unit summary: 

· Grade level and overarching theme for unit 

· Academic subject of focus: 

· Language Arts 

· Mathematics 

· Science 

· Social Studies 

· Arts integrated (minimum of 2): 

· Visual Arts 

· Performing Arts (drama) 

· Dance and/or Movement 

· Music 

· Selected academic content and arts content standards 

· Lesson summaries for 3 lessons: 

· Topic and brief description  

· Objective(s) for each lesson

· Activities that support academic subject and the arts being integrated 

ALL lessons must integrate the arts

· Accommodations and/or modifications for diverse learners 

· Materials needed 

· Assessment summary: 

· Formative assessment options for each lesson (must vary in delivery) 

· Summative assessment options for unit 

Part 2: Unit Overview

Write a 2-page overview for your unit that includes the following:  

· Unit statement that describes the following: 

· Connection between the academic subject and the arts integrated 

· Relevance of each lesson to the overarching unit theme 

· Unit plan for incorporating the following: 

· Online, technology, and community resources 

· Opportunities for display or performance 

· Unit justification that explains the following: 

· How the arts integration enhances or deepens student understanding and learning 

· Why this is an elementary grade-level appropriate unit of study 

· Compile the following for submission: 

· Unit Outline 

· Unit Overview 


Cite your sources in APA format.


Submit your assignment.