1. Using epidemiological data, describe a health-related problem in a population.

2. Explain and outline the complexities (organization, structure and function) of the healthcare system and their impact on the health inequities and access barriers in this vulnerable populations 

3. Demonstrate how the concepts of population health thinking address the SDOH, health disparities, and healthcare outcomes  

4. Differentiate the role of the advanced nurse leader in analyzing data and outcomes to develop the best-evidence needed to improve access and healthcare access and outcomes in the population 

The advanced nurse specialist’s role will continue to be developed as we progress through the course. Use the information and knowledge you have from week 1-4 to develop this content.  

Section ONE includes the following headings and information.

Introduction-Synthesize the information you have developed each week in your discussion post, and the knowledge you gained from your peers, to write the introduction for your paper.

· Be sure to use epidemiological data and describe the epidemiologic importance of the identified health problem focus, in the U.S. (e.g. how it contributes to morbidity and mortality, cost of treatment, economic burden to community).

· State the Healthy People 2030 goal and objective(s) for the health problem

· Include how the complexities of the organization, structure and function of the healthcare system impact the health inequities and access barriers in this vulnerable population

· Use concepts of population health thinking to address the SDOH, health disparities and population health outcomes.

· State the purpose of your paper


Submit assignment by 11:59 PM, Saturday  


· APA7th required  

· Include Title Page and 3-4 Scholarly References 

· Minimum word limit is 1000 words  

· Maximum word limit is 1500 words