Mini-Literature Review – Pt 1

Read the introduction of low-carbon development opportunities using the abatement cost approach – Marginal Abatement Cost Curve (MACC):

Then, find
five additional articles (i.e., peer-reviewed journal articles) related to your proposed topic. 

(my proposed topic is to

qualify or quantify the low-carbon development opportunities using the abatement cost approach in the
transport service airline industry


(The final research goal is to

develop a MACC for the airline industry
, but you are only required to start the literature review now to demonstrate your study and purpose; this assignment will serve as the first step of your research thesis.)

The study will synthesize the information from the five articles to create a mini literature review. 

· Synthesizing is combining multiple different sources of information in a meaningful way. 

· This requires critical thinking skills and is beyond simply quoting the researcher. 

You will need to work on the template from the attachment to summarize, evaluate, interpret, and draw a conclusion by comparing and contrasting the articles. 

This mini literature review should also
include your potential themes and sub-themes to prepare you for Part 2 of your mini-literature review in Week 13.  


· APA format and
2-3 pages in length, with your
five citations.

· All citations must be journal articles including DOI

· Submit BOTH Turnitin similarity and AI reports with your deliverables.

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