Low-Inference Transcript

School: Kai Ming Head Start Sunset center, Preschool for all Date: N/A

Teacher: Carmen Ngan Class/ Grade: Pre-K Type: General ed

Focus for the visit: Dual Language Learners- Developing Literacy

Focus Domain: 1a, 2b









*Ms Ngan introduced herself and explained that she has 55% of students who are not speaking English language at home. Her students learning English in the school. They tried to teach students English and to not disconnect from their home language.

Teacher and her students are making the circle on the carpet. Teacher shows the book.

The teacher asked children:”What do you think would happen if you spilled milk?”

Ms Ngan showed to her students the book “I looked like split milk”. She invited students to read it with her, to help her. She says:”Sometime it looks like…..”

Ms Ngan says: “Sometimes it looks like a tree but it is not a tree”

*The teacher commented that they are focused on the vocabulary and because of it they repeating new words.

Carmen Ngan says:”Sometime it looks like split milk but it is not a milk….It is a….”

*The teacher commented that she uses a book to introduce the activity.

The teacher sitting with her students and has 3 kinds of milk in front of her- Regular, Evaporated, Condensed.

Ms Ngan asked:”Have you ever seen this?”

The teacher says the name of each kind of milk in English and Chinese.

The teacher is doing the activity with students using straw. She asks student:”It looks like….?”

Teacher asking:”But it is not a monster….”

The teacher is asking another student:”Tell me what you just did”

*Ms Ngan commented that she uses open-ended questions in her teaching process. The goal is to enhance their thinking and language skills, because it can develop expressive language skills.

The teacher makes notes to the student’s work. She is asking:”What is it?”

*Ms Ngan commented that she is making notes in front of her student because they can see that their meaning was recorded. It can make the connection between reading and spoken language.

The teacher is making notes and saying:”Sometime it is looks like….”

“How many of them?”-asking teacher

The teacher commented that from the beginning students do not understand English, but they are fluent in English at the end of the school.

Students are listening and answering questions.

Students sitting on the floor and listening to the teacher. One says: It would go everywhere….

Students watching on the teacher, on the book and answering: ”Rabbit”

Students repeating with a teacher “It is not a tree….”

“Cloud!”- saying children

The student repeating the word in Chinese language.

The student uses the straw to make the artwork.

The student says:”Like monster!”

Student is answering:”An alien planet…!”

The girl explaining:”I blow and I got bubbles”

Students are sitting and making artworks using straws.

The boy answered:”A monster!”

The girl is saying:”Like elephant”

“Like two elephants”, – answered the girl