Guidelines for the Psychologist Paper:

Your first paper of the semester will be based on a psychologist of your choosing.  Possible choices are: Sigmund Freud, B.F. Skinner, Ivan Pavlov, Anna Freud, Kenneth B. Clark, Abraham Maslow, or Jean Piaget.
There are many other psychologists you may choose from.  Each of these individuals has made incredible contributions to the various areas of psychology.  If you are struggling to choose a psychologist, please contact me as soon as possible and we will discuss options for you.  The sooner the better.

You are required to:

 Give a detailed analysis of their life


 Provide a detailed description of their theory and contributions to psychology

(Include critics)

 Do you agree with the psychologist and their theory or with the critics and why?

(Do not give me just yes or no. I am looking for a response with depth and personalization).

The expectations for this paper are:

4-6 pages

A minimum of 2 sources: Your textbook is optional

12-point Times New Roman font

1” margins and double spaced

APA or MLA style (As a reference you may want to refer to the CSN Library)

Title Page and Reference Page ** NOT INCLUDED IN THE PAGE LENGTH

Please remember to use Spell Check as well as check your grammar and sentence structure.

Due February 18th