Video Assessment

Watch one of the following movies/plays in its entirety: Just Mercy, 12 Angry Men (play can be found on YouTube), Remember the Titans, or Legally Blond.

Choose THREE topics and write a 2-page analysis on how these topics are applicable to the movie. Not every topic will be relevant to every movie option so be sure to only choose options that make sense with the movie you chose to watch.  

1. Levels of awareness

2. Cognitive dissonance

3. Id, ego, superego

4. Erikson’s stages of development

5. Prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination

6. Episodic and semantic memory

7. Sensation and Perception

8. Consciousness

9. Classical conditioning and operant conditioning

10. Social learning

11. Kohlberg’s theory of moral development

12. Drive-reduction and/or optimal arousal theory

13. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

14. Emotions and goals

15. Personality (choose ONE theory and only one if you use this topic) – if you try to use too many theories/perspectives you will drown in your attempt to separate the information and organize it

16. Altruism

17. Conformity and group influence

18. Social identity

19. Stages of stress

Again, choose three of these options and defend your answers. You should use at least ONE outside source. Be sure to cite it. Whichever three you pick, be sure to be specific when analyzing. If you have any less than a page, you need to go back and be more specific. Your extra source can be used to back up any of your analyses, but be sure to cite it and the video on a separate reference page to help you get practice citing. You can find APA help

THIS SHOULD BE WRITTEN LIKE A PAPER. You need an intro, your analyses, and a conclusion.

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