Unit 1 Discussion

CLO 1, 3, 5-6

1) Pick ONE of the four questions below to answer using both the information learned in Unit 1 and online resources. 

2) Answer the question in complete sentences in no more than a TWO paragraph. (50% of the grade)

3) Cite at least one source that supports your answer. (25% of the grade)

Discussion Question Choices

1.  Extracellular matrix (ECM) seems to be described as predominantly existing in the extracellular spaces around connective tissue cells.  Does this mean that other tissues do not have ECM, or do they have matrix but not in as large a proportion as in connective tissue? 

2.  What is the theory of endosymbiosis?  How does it relate to human cells?

3.  Identify the four components of a negative feedback loop and explain what would happen if secretion of a body chemical controlled by a negative feedback system became too great.

4.  The most abundant elements in the foods and beverages you consume are oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen. Why might having these elements in consumables be useful?


250-280 WORDS.