Homework Questions for Test 1 Based on Secondary Sources

Please answer the following questions and give the source details you used to answer the questions. (2 points each)

1. What are the SIC and NAICS codes for fast food restaurants and for bars?

2. What percent of households in Dallas County have an income over $200,000 per year?

3. What are the demographics (age and income) of the people most likely to eat out at restaurants at least once a week?

4. What is the average number of times students eat out in a restaurant? Give the global figure

5. On average do people in Dallas or Austin have the longer commute to work?

6. You are thinking of opening a chain of small kiosks in every major United States airport and want to target the largest airport first. What are the five busiest airports in the U.S?

7. What is the population of Edinburgh, Scotland?

8. In which region (Northeast, Midwest, South or West) do families spend the most on reading materials like books, magazines, and newspapers?

an answer to each question.

Don’t just download a table or cut & paste. · Present findings in a paragraph, readable, and logical form · Be sure to include all salient information

Cite your sources in the appropriate APA style. Also, create a reference list. (2 points)

Try to find a second source for the information. If different data are found – try to explain why they are different (or) Seek a 3rd source and see which that supports. (2 points)

Give some indication as to how confident you are in your answers.

Write a summary of your search process, any difficulties or questions you had, and how you resolved your questions. (5 points)