Part 1 (5 pts): Read and review two articles on the topic of fixed and growth mindsets (supplied just below). Using APA writing style, offer a Title Page, three short 
reflection paragraphs (introduction, body and conclusion) and a reference page listing the two supplied articles. The term paper will evolve, moving away from a “reflection” paper, toward a research paper. The use of a first-person narrative will not be acceptable as you evolve to Part 2 and 3 of this term paper. (1-2 pages) 

How Grit Helps Students Persist

Fixed vs. Growth – The Tow basic Mindsets that Shape our Lives

Requirements: 12 point font, using Times New Roman and APA writing style. Page count does not include your correct APA Title page and Reference page. Your complete term paper should be 10 total pages with a minimum of 7 total articles (4 articles supplied by me). You may choose to use other articles I’ve offered as additional articles to support your work. Each progression is intended to add on and help reshape the previous thought put into the written work. 

Assignment Objective:

APA writing style a requirement in psychology and your future psychology course will have increasing expectations.  This ongoing assignment will develop some foundational skills.