ENVR 1401-82004

Students will create a 7-page PowerPoint presentation (excluding title and reference pages) detailing human impact on the environment. Please use the following questions when creating your presentation.

Chapter 1: Introducing Environmental Science and Sustainability


Introduction Is their human impact on the environment?

Do humans affect the world? If so, how?

2. Discuss, in greater detail, how human activities affect the physical

environment around us.

3. Research a specific human activity that impacts and affects the physical

environment of the earth. (Some examples include: the building of

dams, hydroelectric energy, mining, pipelines, etc.)

• Explain human activity in detail

• List the pros of the human activity

• List the cons of the human activity

• Discuss how the human activity directly impacts the environment

• Discuss if or how the negative impacts can be improved and detail

potential methods for doing so.

• Include title and reference slides

• Includes at least 7 slides with adequate