Write a TOK Essay whether or not Mathematics was discovered or

Add Ways Of Knowing using Real life Situations (At Least 3) Such as Gödels Incompleteness Theory to support the argument. Nb: There are a lot of examples, youtube clips and other resources on how to write a good TOK essay, but the key is ALWAYS to understand the problem of knowledge.

What is the “problem” with the question in relation to “knowing in maths” Discuss with your peers and teacher first. Look at the KF for maths, the method for ACQUIRING, KNOWING (Justification) and then how we USE math knowledge and your essay will evolve making sense. Make a plan for your essay, break it down with paragraphs, and select RLE that add value to the KC (Knowledge Claims) and consider CC (Counter Claims). If you read the essay and it makes little sense, you have gone wrong! REFERENCE always in depth. Follow the guidance from the websites and your TOK teacher on how to write a full 1600 word TOK essay. Note this essay is a “classic” AOK Maths TOK essay, so there are many examples out on the web.

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