Pfizer Case Study- Global biopharmaceutical company

 Global biopharmaceutical company Pfizer believes that a diverse workforce leads to more innovate and creative thinking. (Pfizer, “Diversity and Inclusion,” ,2013, The company also feels that inclusion is the foundation to the ownership culture that it wants to build among its employees. (Pfizer, “Diversity and Inclusion,” Pfizer Annual Review 2011, 2011, Pfizer recognized that better attracting and retaining diverse employees would require it to pay more attention to its diversity and inclusion initiatives. In addition to relying more on its worldwide diversity and inclusion leadership council comprised of senior executives from around the company, Pfizer also created employee resource groups, including people with disabilities, Latino/Hispanics, African American, and LGBT employees, to better apply their ideas to influence company results. (Pfizer Turns Around its Diversity and Inclusions Initiatives,” Diversity/Careers in Engineering & Information Technology, December 2009/ January 2010, Questions: 1. Why is Pfizer interested in improving diversity and inclusion at the company? 2. How does a proactive focus on diversity and inclusion improve Pfizer’s legal compliance? 3. If you were in charge of diversity and inclusion at Pfizer, what would you do to further improve diversity and inclusion at the company? Respond to each of the three questions after the case with a minimum of 250 words (minimum of 750 words total for all three questions). When responding to the questions, be sure to utilize the information from the required reading and Unit II Study Guide.

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