Business plan for a Go Karting Manufacturing business and drivers

An example of how the business plan should look. I have done the description and Unique Selling Point (USP) of the business to give you some context and information about what you are writing about. I have also done starting costs table, with those cost having to run all business long since they are needed for it to function properly. To give you some background info, I am doing a business plan for a Go Karting Manufacturing business and drivers academy. We aim to penetrate the market effectively by building considerably faster go karts than other Competitors. I am not able to attach the business plan example from my institution here, but will do in private message afterwards. I will also send you the work I have done, which needs to be included for the report (only the Business’ description and USP) the costs table will be left for you to develop as I am for sure missing some costs info (for example, costs of running a drivers academy witj qualified trainers and mecanics. Thank you. Sources need to be cited as well.

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