Applied Management Consulting Project

You are responsible for submitting an Applied Project Presentation acting as a management consultant. Fifteen power point slides with relevant references at the end. Basically you will select 3 leadership theories – each one will be explained in detail and then one will be selected and implemented using a change – leadership – type – model (i.e., Kotter). You are charged with developing a 15 slide power point presentation. You are a management consultant and your new project is to lead a Steering Committee for the Dean of the New School of Leadership Theory and Practice. Your goal is to make a presentation to the Dean. The Dean is charged with leading the entire business school staff which includes but is not limited to the faculty, staff, and students. Your task is to run with the whole leadership training platform, implementation, and delivery. Pick three leadership theories or models and show how they can be applied to the full-time faculty, adjunct faculty, staff, and students. Out of the three theories that you picked, choose one that you can implement. This will help you to manage your decisions and plan your strategy for your presentation lay-out. Suggest a strategy of implementation of your leadership theory or model. In addition, come up with a model or theory for change. All leaders must address and include change efforts and contingency plans in their leadership plan so include this in your presentation. After completing the power point presentation, upload it to the professor directly. Place all references and/or bibliographies on the last few slides. Place notes below the slides, only use bullet points for the slides. If you include the references on the note pages then also include them in the reference section.

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