How Swedish and Canadian institutions integrate environmental education into school curriculum


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Topic: How Swedish and Canadian institutions (in British Columbia & Manitoba) integrate environmental education into school curriculums. (Not looking at Canada altogether, just specifically Bristish Columbia and Winnipeg in comparison to Sweden). Resarch Questions: 1) Why have Canada and Sweden developed environmental education curricula?, 2) How, if at all, have, Canada and Sweden integrated environmental education into their curricula?, and 3) What can we learn from comparing environmental education curricula in Canada and Sweden? I have attached the assignment details & rubric that the professor would like us to follow. The professor breaks down the length that each section should approximately be. It is impearative that the guidelines and rubric is followed (i.e. number of pages and each section is completed) or I will lose marks. Please DO NOT do the last section, “6) Reflective Discussion and Conclusion” section, which is suppose to be 3 pages. I will do this section. Therefore, this research paper needs to be 12 pages with sections 1-5 completed

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