Warehouse stationery (B2B) business to business

Warehouse stationery (B2B) business to business.

  • Assume you are a knowledgeable retail marketing consultant. You are confident and authoritative. (pretend the role / confidence if this is not you in real life. A good example of “Fake it until you make it”)


  • Pretend the management of a retail company has approached you as a Professional Omni-Channel Marketing Consultant. You come from a UX Designer, rather than UI Designer perspective – which they love about you. (NOTE: WTF is a UX Designer? Click here)



  • As the consultant, define clearly who is one of their key ‘target groups’ (prospects, or regular customer groups). 


  • Research & suggest (a.k.a. as a consultant you ‘strongly recommend’) ‘touchpoints’ when prospective / existing / past customers could interact with organisation (or with ‘information’ [aka bait] organisation has put “out there” for prospect to “find”)


  • Suggest / flesh out, outline of ‘information’ / material to be given away or found while prospect is researching (i.e. You need to understand the ‘Buyer Decision Making Process‘ [also called ‘stages in the buying process’ ]  which varies if B2B – read here, and here. You were taught about both in 115.116 Introduction to Marketing, and 156.235 Consumer Behaviour). Check assignment #1 details: Is your retail store’s customer B2C or B2B? (If B2B, then look at FAQ section for insights!)  


  • Justify / explain as you go thru why you chose XYZ piece of material, where is it placed in the buyer decision process (NOTE: you can modify the process – i.e. it is just a model to help you. It is NOT necessarily a true reflection of exactly how the actual buyers interact with the store, or how the buyers would like to interact with the retail entity as a whole. )

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