These should be from 3 different countries. Discuss the elements and principles and the content of each batik painting. Research and analyse the techniques used and how they differ culturally. Compare and contrast the batiks from each other?. Don’t forget to reference your sources. (Critical analysis is a very important and ongoing part of the whole project and its evaluation).


A – Analysis of formal qualities – (The Batik)


Using the analyzing art handout, analyse the formal qualities (elements and principles)


Colour, Line, Texture, Shape, Value, Space, Form.

Balance, Harmony, Emphasis, Movement, Proportion, Unity, Rhythm, Pattern


B – Content  of the Batik.


What is the work about? What were the artisans trying to express? What are the batiks created for?

Are the artworks telling a story? Is the imagery the same as it was in the past?

Describe the mood of the art work

How does the artist use the elements and principles to create this mood?

Are there any metaphors or symbols in the piece of work that give meaning to it?

Defend your hypothesis with evidence from other sources such as history and culture.


C – Evaluation of cultural significance – (The world from which it comes from)


When? Where? By Whom? For whom? Function and purpose? Significance? Relevance? Evaluation of culture.  Does the batik depict the culture in any way?– Is anything happening in the country that effects the outcome of the batik? What kind of artisans produce this work? Is the tradition passed down through generations?

What is your evaluation of the batiks? Is the batik relevant in today’s context? What are they used for?


D – Making comparisons and connections


Compare the 3 batiks to each other. What similarities, differences and connections do they have to each other? Explore the connections through the research you have done

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