In this final course project, you are going to take

 In this final course project, you are going to take everything you have learned in the course and apply it to a real-world scenario. As someone either already in the health field or interested in an area of health, you must be prepared to look at your community and find ways to improve it. In this scenario, you have been given the opportunity to present a proposal to community stakeholders who are considering different health initiatives. Luckily, you have been researching a particular health behavior in your community that you would like to improve. For this assignment, create a minimum 14-slide PowerPoint presentation (that equals about two slides per bullet) that addresses the points listed below.

  • Describe the role of health educators in communities and how they can assist in behavior change.
  • Identify the particular health issue that affects a population in your community. Describe and discuss the health issue, affected population, and your community.
  • Analyze how the health behavior you identified is affected by at least two levels of the socioecological model (positively or negatively).
  • Discuss how determinants of health affect the target population that you plan to reach through intervention.
  • Share the intervention strategy you plan to apply in your community to change health behavior as it relates to the health issue chosen.
  • Describe the strategies that you would use to communicate the intervention to the community. Make sure to be specific.
  • Last, discuss any barriers you may possibly face and how you plan to overcome them. This should include discussion of not only the intervention strategy, but also the evaluation of the intervention. What strategies could you use to prove or discredit health educator programming concerns?

Remember, you are trying to convince the group of stakeholders to choose your particular health intervention strategy as the next health initiative for the community. Your presentation should be interesting and contain graphics that are appropriate and attractive. You must also include slide notes that explain what you plan to say in your presentation. All information presented should be supported by research you have already conducted in this course, but you may also add new research if you choose. It would be to your advantage to utilize the feedback you have received from previous assignments and apply it to this unit. You must use a minimum of five resources, all which should be properly cited according to APA format. At least one of these sources must come from the CSU Online Library. Your cover and reference slide are not part of the 14-slide minimum. 

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